Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Version 3 is here!

We are proud to announce that we have over 600 fans on Facebook! It has been roughly 2 months since the launch of ClouThe and we are very excited about the growing number of fans. To bring even more good news, we are also releasing v3 today!

On this release, we focused on adding new features, especially those that give users more apps (or tabs) to view their files on the cloud; with this release, we introduced the Docs, Photos and Videos app as well as improving the Music apps. In addition, we made many minor bug fixes to address the issues some users were experiencing. As always, if you ever experience issues with ClouThe, please report it here.

Here are some of the major changes that come with v3:


ClouThe now has a photos app which makes photo browsing a breeze. It will instantly scan all the drives you have access to and then organize them. You can view either by date, user, or drive. In addition, just like with music, you can view photos on your drive by Most Recent or Most Popular. A cool feature with photos is the “Play Slideshow” button, which allows you to easily open all your photos into a pod and view them in full screen! (Sweet, right?). The screenshot above shows a slideshow embedded in a pod.


The all new video app provides a easy way to find all the videos you have access to. All videos are thumbnailed automatically upon upload and from there you can get a quick preview of your video library. Videos can be browsed based on user, length, quality, format, and drives.


There is now a Docs app which gives a quick and easy document browsing experience. For added security and convenience, ClouThe Docs integrates the Scribd API to securely convert and render your uploaded documents so you can instantly preview your documents without having to download them.

Batch Downloads

All across the app, you will find that you can now download folders as a zip file. By clicking on the folder with a arrow icon, you can download the entire folder and everything inside of it with one click. All the compression is done on the cloud which makes it fast and convenient. In addition, when you are browsing on the Video, Music, Docs or Photos app, there are "Download All" buttons which allows you to download all the files that is currently in the list you are viewing.

Music Playlists

One of the user requests was the ability to save music playlists, so we listened and it is now on ClouThe. On music playlists, you can sort your current playlist by simply dragging and recording the songs. On the bottom of the playlist, you can save the playlist to view later.

Thank you again for using ClouThe and please help us spread the word by sharing our Facebook page.

Also, we made a new video for Version 3 of ClouThe; check it out here as well as some new screenshots here

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