Thursday, August 25, 2011

Version 2 is out

Hey ClouThe users!

Welcome to our new blog! Here you will find the latest news and update information on ClouThe.

To start things off with a bang, today we rolled out ClouThe v2! We have taken a lot of your feedback and have been improving ClouThe based on your input. Thank you again for supporting ClouThe. As you can imagine, we are still a small and new startup, and the team has been working hard on developing new functionality as well as improving the site’s overall performance.

One of the major goals of v2 was to bring even greater performance increases: downloads now begin instantly rather than having to wait, files are indexed when uploaded instead of periodically, and security has also been improved with the introduction of Links and Sessions as well as using PHP X-SendFile to distribute files rather than hashed URLs.

Here are some notable changes arriving with v2:


Sharing files are now easier with the new “Links” page. By clicking on the link icon next to any file, a unique link will be generated in which you can then send to anyone, including people without a ClouThe account. Since we know that most of the time users only want to send a file to a single recipient via email or chat, links can be assigned limits to provide added security. By default, each link can only be used once and will expire in exactly 24 hours. We hope this feature will provide added security without requiring the creation of new accounts.


To add even more security to ClouThe, there is now a “Sessions” page that shows you a history of all your prior logins, including location. This tool alsogives you the ability to force logoffs on other sessions that you might have forgotten to log off from, even if you clicked “Remember Me” on a public computer.


Searching files are now improved with the ability to search for folders. Folders are now a category next to the other file types. In addition, you can also open folders directly in the search page. Overall, search performance is much faster than before; files are now indexed upon upload so there is no more waiting to see the files appear while searching.


Photos will be displayed in tile format rather than each photo taking up an entire row. The buttons on the top for close and refresh are now moved to the page itself to give a better user experience. Folders now contain sizes so you can see how much space is taken up by each folder.

This sums up the notable changes in v2.

Feel free to give it a try and let us know what you think! Remember, your input is vital for improving ClouThe!

As always, please report any bugs to and stay tuned for our next release!

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